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Dell included it as a card and as an onboard device in several of their Dimension Asus Crystal AC97 Codec starting with the V series in because it was one of the first stable and reliable PCI audio cards and these were cheaper than their bulky ISA cousins. Windows and XP will pick this up automatically. Just for fun, compare the fullsize image of this card with Wikipedia's attempt of an earlier revision of the same card. This card is no longer supported in favour of the inferior CT model. The card, Asus Crystal AC97 Codec hardware, does support quadrophonic sound, but the drivers available do not enable this feature. This is around the time when people started to really dislike Creative. Without a competent heatsink, as seen here, it won't be doing 22 watts. ST describes the TDA as "designed for car audio applications". Aureal Vortex - A smaller development of the Vortex series, this is a gaming sound card from a good few years ago.

Unfortunately, it didn't like me at all and blue screened Windows on two seperate machines whenever I tried to install its drivers.


Windows's stock drivers didn't work either. WindowsXP had no problems whatsoever even though it used the same driver files! When I did get it working in Win2k, any attempt at A3D would result in a blue screen. This particular card bears a sticker on the back informing us it is V1.

ASUS K7V-RM KX133 Slot-A microATX

A common Asus Crystal AC97 Codec dual channel 2 watt op-amp power amplifier is employed to drive speakers, typically used as a successor to the series and widely considered to be much better. Sound Blaster Live! Where to begin" CD - if you got a CD at all, the OEM cards were usually devoid of any documentation or driver. No Asus Crystal AC97 Codec, you'd just go online, grab the driver, install it, job's good. It had no official name.


This one carries a retailer's sticker on the back saying Asus Crystal AC97 Codec live oem" in hideous Comic Sans MS. It was often a lottery working out exactly what card you had since the name alone would't do it and Creative seldom refer to their part numbers CT in this case.

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The EMU10K1, however, is not all rainbows and flowers. Its sample rate is locked at 48kHz and must resample everything to 48kHz before output or processing, this causes quite a bit of distortion. Poor frequency response plagued the SB Live! This manifested as linear distortion which somehow was worse on digital outputseven at Asus Crystal AC97 Codec fixed 48kHz. There is no power amplifier on the board, this was after the ability to directly drive speakers was no longer valued.

In the words of a VIA chipset engineer on their official support forums: The Sound Blaster Live! Drivers were not to PCI specifications. This caused too much noise over the PCI bus.

The engineers had to work out a way to filter this noise and released a patch to motherboard manufacturers which replicates a BIOS change. You read that right. VIA had to fix a problem in Creative's driver at the motherboard BIOS level by altering the behaviour of their chipsets to work around the issue. It got even better.

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Asus Crystal AC97 Codec better. This would have been a disaster for Creative: OEMs would not have been allowed to preinstall Windows on a system with a Soundblaster Live installed! Legend has it that Microsoft demanded Creative's specs and source code and proceeded to write the driver themselves, then billed Creative for the development. Oh and don't lose your CD.

You can't download the full driver package from Creative. It's immediately obvious that the upper Asus Crystal AC97 Codec of the card is not fitted. This, as can be seen from the two jumpers nearby, is a power amplifier for running passive speakers. Byspeakers generally integrated their own amplifier and were "powered" or "active" speakers. Actually finding out what this was called was difficult in earlythe card's old enough to vote! Was it any good, then, to be used in so many products? It was downright mediocre. Download the latest ASUS Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec device drivers Asus Crystal AC97 Codec and Certified). ASUS Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec drivers updated. Download the latest ASUS Sound Card device drivers (Official and Certified). ASUS Cm · Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec · Crystal WDM Audio Codec.

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