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Asus K51AE Manuals

There's, of course, one that shows the CPU temperature on your Mac but also the processing load, RAM consumption, Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor activity, storage space, and more. Temperature Monitor: We haven't tested this program but it is another option for finding CPU information on a Mac if you don't like System Monitor which you should try first.

Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor Know, however, that Temperature Monitor is no longer being maintained but it is still available for download if you want to use it. It shows the current temperature right next to the maximum temperature for an easy comparison. Accessing the internet will require networking, and with portable computers such as laptops the flexibility that wireless offers is often the better choice. Wireless networking equipment also often referred to as wi-fi will support some version of the You may also find Systems based on All versions of If you have no access to a hotspot then the new 3G Broadband features of several new laptops wil allow you to access the internet over the cellular telephone network, thus allowing you to get internet access nearly anywhere in the world covered by mobile phone networks.

As with a mobile phone, you will need a contract with your mobile phone operator who will provide you with a SIM card to install in your laptop.

If your laptop doesn't support 3G broadband then most mobile phone operators can provide a USB "dongle" you can attach to your laptop for 3G access. Nearly all drives can read CDs, and most can write "burn" them.

How to Check the Temperature of Your Laptop CPU in Windows 10 - Make Tech Easier

Drives that can read and write DVDs are also common. Newer high-end laptops may come with a drive capable of reading Blu-Ray discs, the latest format for high definition movies. Some Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor of laptop, such as netbooks and Apple's Macbook Air don't have an optical drive at all because there is not enough space to install one. The cards themselves are similar in dimensions to credit cards, though they are considerably thicker.


PC cards allow a laptop to be expanded with devices such as Flash memory card readers, networking cards, wireless cards, extra USB ports and other devices. PC Cards are hot-pluggable, meaning that they can be safely connected or disconnected Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor a laptop without turning it off first. PC Cards have been superseded by ExpressCards and are considered a legacy technology.


Ports and Connectors Most laptops will incorporate at least 2 USB ports, as there is a very wide range of accessories that can connect via USB, such as external hard drives, Flash memory sticks, 3G broadband dongles, keyboards, mice and many other types of devices. As USB devices are so common, many laptop designs will include more than 2 ports.

Asus K51AE Manuals

Laptops will also have one video Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor of some sort to allow them to be used with full sized monitors, projectors, or other display devices. Laptops with sound will usually have a headphone jack for listening in private, and will often also incorporate a microphone jack as well.

This can be used to connect to external hard drives, several models of video cameras and other computers via their FireWire link Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor Replicator A port replicator is a laptop accessory that helps you quickly connect your laptop to a veriety of external devices, such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and so on. Port replicators make this job easier as all the devices can be connected in one go rather than one at a time. Docking stations are similar, but offer additional features.

Processor The processor is a computer's "brain", responsible for all the operations the computer can perform. The two-part power adapter has a handy long cord.

ASUS K51AE SX040V - 15.6" - Athlon II M520 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 3 GB RAM - 320 GB HDD

Plug this in and wait until the computer is fully charged before turning it on. Free Download Asus K51AE Notebook System Monitor Utility (Other Drivers & Tools). The ASUS K51AE notebook is designed to provide a no-frills mobile thanks to its AMD MG graphics chipset and ” high definition LED-backlit display. heat vents that keep the palm rest below the average human body temperature.

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