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Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Review

Button design has changed quite a bit on the Canon T2i, moving from primarily circular buttons with nothing printed on them to larger shaped buttons, some with words and icons printed on them. It does make the labels clearer, especially with reduced real estate for labels next to buttons because of the wide-aspect LCD. The variation in button shapes also makes them easier to identify without removing your eye from the viewfinder. In its old place is the new Quick Menu button, an innovation borrowed from the Canon 7D. Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera allows easy adjustment to the Canon T2i's settings via the Status display, which transforms into a Quick Menu screen with a press of this button.


In Movie and Live View shooting, the same button calls up an abbreviated Quick Menu display that forms a column at the left of the LCD, rather than occupying the whole screen. All other buttons are in the same positions relative to the T1i.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Review - DigitalCameraReview

The speaker holes on the rear, though, go from four holes to nine holes, presumably for better sound transmission. As with that camera, effective resolution is Maximum image size in pixels is 5, x 3, Pixel pitch is 4. Where the two imagers differ is in their readout method, and hence their speed.

The EOS 7D's sensor has eight channel readout, key to that camera's eight frames per second burst shooting. The Canon Rebel T2i's sensor has four channel readout, which means a more modest 3.

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Unfortunately, the increased throughput caused by the faster burst speed and higher sensor resolution together conspire to greatly reduce the burst shooting depth as compared to the T1i. Converting from bits worth of data means that the saved images are theoretically formed from four times the color information that was available to the Canon XTi, which was only able to generate 4, colors per channel. The Canon Rebel T2i can recognize 16, colors per channel, which should mean smoother Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera and more accurate color overall.

Though JPEGs will still be saved as 8-bit color, RAW images will benefit more fully from the bit depth, making for more accurate bit images in programs like Photoshop. Brought over from the 50D, the Canon T2i's Peripheral illumination correction compensates for vignetting in the corners of a lens. The amount of correction changes depending on which lens is mounted; selecting the Peripheral Illumination Correction item from Record Menu 1 Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera up a screen where you can see which lens the camera has detected, and whether correction data is available.


You can also either enable or disable the function from the same screen. The name hints at how the sensor works: Information on focusing points is also taken into account in metering calculations, and it is in this area that the Canon T2i's iFCL chip differs from that of the EOS 7D, accounting for Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera focus points in the consumer Rebel camera than its prosumer sibling. The focusing screen, likewise, is of the etched variety, and not the fancy LCD overlay on the Canon 7D.

Where the T1i offered compensation from Setting aperture and exposure are converted to easier concepts of background blur blurred or sharpand exposure level darker or brighter with a slider that's adjusted with the Main dial. The more complex exposure decisions remain under the Canon T2i's control in CA mode.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Review

The exposure slider is the more useful, standing in as a more comprehensible EV adjustment. Like the Canon 7D, you can input Copyright information right on the Canon T2i, as well as delete it at will.

It was a first in that camera for Canon's prosumer line, and now it's on the consumer Rebel line as well. The new panel still has a 3. Each pixel still consists of three separate colored dots red, green and bluefor a total count of just under 1. The Canon T2i's degree LCD viewing angle isn't quite as wide as that of the angle possible on the T1i, and the total display area is just slightly smaller, although neither reduction is terribly noticeable in use. Another area where the Canon EOS Rebel T2i has inherited significant upgrades from the 7D is in its high definition video capabilities.

With some of the most advanced features of any digital SLR, it's simply the best Rebel Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera has ever created. The EOS Rebel T2i has an megapixel CMOS sensor that captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range and offers more than enough resolution for big enlargements or crops.

Digital SLR Camera. EOS Rebel T2i Body view 1 EOS Rebel T2i Body view 2 The new flagship of the EOS Rebel line, Canon EOS Rebel T2i brings.

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