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Samsung ML-1430 Standard Laser Printer

Please read the general notes on these drivers and the frequently-asked questions and the advice on which printer to buy before you do anything else! Don't ignore this paragraph! If you don't know how to download and install a printer driverread the instructions. If you are planning to buy a printer that is not listed on this page, please do NOT write to ask me if it will work with WordPerfect, and do NOT ask me which driver will work with it. Instead, please read the answer to the first of the frequently-asked questions below. Or, alternatively, if you really want to know the answer, make an extremely generous contribution to this siteand I will try to find the answer for you. I cannot guarantee that these drivers will work with Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB specific printer!

Samsung MLM Manuals

In almost all cases, I have prepared the driver on the basis of information posted on a manufacturer's web site. That information may be mistaken, or refer to printers manufactured at an earlier time.

Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB If you buy a printer only because it is listed on this page, be prepared to return it if necessary. I believe that these drivers work, but I have no means of testing them with all the printers listed on this page. These drivers also work with these other products in the WordPerfect 5. Consult the list of printers for the name of the file that contains the driver you want, and download the driver from the WPDOS 5.


These drivers do Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB at all for Microsoft Word or any other Windows software. One of a series of Don't be clueless! General notes on these drivers Please leave feedback if these drivers need any corrections. For example, if you find that you need to press the manual feed button when printing, please let me know your exact printer model and the driver that you are using; I can make a correction in the driver to solve the problem.

Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB Slight errors in page margins which may be a few millimeters away from their correct position are also easy to fix, but only if you send me full details. If your old documents do not print correctly after you install the driver for your new printer, that may be because, by default, when you open an old document, WordPerfect temporarily switches to the printer driver that was current when you last saved the document. If you can't choose the paper-size definition that you used before you installed this driver, see this site's instructions for creating paper-size definitions in WPDOS. If you can't make the printer draw paper from the correct input bin for example, the lower tray on an HP LaserJetmake sure that you selected the correct Sheet Feeder definition, using Shift-F7, Select, Edit. The correct sheet feeder definition will normally have a model number similar to that of your printer for example, for the HP LaserJetuse the HP LaserJet sheet feeder definition.

You may need to experiment with different sheet feeder definitions until you find one that works perfectly. If you are experiencing problems printing under Windows, or you want to print to a USB printer for which you have a WPDOS driver either from this site or from Corelsee the suggestions on this site's Windows printing page. For color printing, try the Tektronix Phaser ColorQuick driver.

These drivers may be downloaded from Corel's driver download page ; search for the printers by name. For PostScript Level 3 printers, try the generic drivers available from this page. If you cannot find any driver that works with your printer, see this site's instructions for printing from WPDOS to any Windows printer.

A full list of older WordPerfect printer drivers available from Corel's driver download page may be found in this self-extracting printer list archive from Corel's web site. A list of supported soft fonts may be found in another self-extracting font list archive from the same site.

Samsung Download Center: Owner's Manuals, Firmware Updates & Drivers Samsung US

I can't find any driver on this page for the new Samsung or Brother or Canon or Dell or Kyocera or Lexmark or something else laser printer that I'm interested in buying. Can you tell me whether that printer works with one of your drivers" or something similar. But remember that there are no guarantees! The manufacturer's web site and specifications may be misleading or mistaken, or the printer may not work for any other reason.

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If the specifications say that PCL is supported only under Windows, then do not buy the printer! Please do not write to ask me about any printer that is not explicitly listed on this page.


Before I saw your printer recommendations on this page or: What should I do? You have two options.

Either 1 take the printer back to the shop and exchange it for one of the Hewlett Packard models that are listed on this page; or 2 devote vast amounts of time and effort to making the printer work with this site's slow workaround methods of printing to any Windows printer. I strongly recommend option 1 over option 2. All of my work and much of my life depends on my ability to print from WordPerfect, but I'm just too lazy to read all the carefully-arranged and clearly-explained information that you've put into this page. Also, I'm too selfish to Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB my own time solving my own problems and I'm too passive to make any attempt to understand written information that's Samsung ML-1220M Printer USB than a headline.

: Printer USB Cable Lead For ALL Samsung Printer's - See CLXND MJC ML ML ML ML MLM ML Buy Printer USB Cable Lead For ALL Samsung Printer's - See Description for ML ML MLM ML ML ML ML - 5m: USB.

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