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The display is a On the software side, Windows 7 Home Premium is pre-installed. When you first boot up the C, it will ask you if you want bit or bit Windows installed. The default is bit and if you opt for bit, you'll have to wait a couple of hours while it reformats the partition and reinstalls everything. Performance The base line specifications of the C don't inspire a lot of world-beating confidence, but then this is a second-generation "Sandy Bridge" CPU, so there's some hope for the C Its PCMark05 score of marks it out as a solid performer, albeit not as spectacular as we've seen from some of the Toshiba Satellite C660 Bridge-enabled PCs.

Intel's HD graphics solutions tend to score in the range in 3DMark06, and the C was no exception, managing Toshiba rates the battery in the C as Toshiba Satellite C660 capable of "up to five hours" of runtime.

In a market where many vendors claim "all-day" batteries, it's interesting to see a notebook undersell Toshiba Satellite C660 so powerfully. In our battery tests, where all power-saving measures were disabled, screen brightness was pumped up to full and a looping full-screen video was played to battery exhaustion point, the C acquitted itself quite well with a runtime of three hours and 48 minutes. The point of our test is to give a lowest expectation score, so we'd say that the five-hour figure should be totally achievable.

You're usually on the safe side with black, Toshiba Satellite C660 notebooks. Toshiba has also selected such a design for its Satellite CE. A knobby surface is used on the lid, which is particularly resistant against fingerprints, according to Toshiba.

Review Toshiba Satellite C660 Notebook

This isn't quite true. Although the knobbed surface is much less susceptible for fingerprints than a smooth surface Toshiba Satellite C660 be, it's not completely resistant.

Fade fingerprints were visible within a short time. In addition, they are much harder to remove than it would be the case on a smooth surface. This surface structure is also applied inside, so for the wrist-rest and the surface around Toshiba Satellite C660 keyboard.

The Satellite CE doesn't score especially well in our pressure tests. You already notice how the display lid clearly yields under pressure in a closed state. This is due to the gap between the display and wrist-rest, which easily measures 3 — 4 millimeters. Moreover, this large space could get problematic because foreign objects can penetrate the gap between the display and keyboard. The lid doesn't have much torsional stiffness in an opened state Toshiba Satellite C660.


In opposition Toshiba Satellite C660 that, the notebook's base unit looks good under selective pressure. Pressures on the wrist-rest hardly lead to any yielding, not even over the drive. Connectivity You notice that Toshiba didn't want to surpass a certain price limit in connectivity once more. The number of single interfaces sooner has to be described as meager. The notebook's right accommodates Toshiba Satellite C660 optical drive, the power socket and the Kensington lock. Aside from the aforementioned interfaces, there is also a cardreader on the front.

Review Toshiba Satellite C Notebook - Reviews

There aren't any connections on the rear because of the battery housing design. It can quickly get full on the left during stationary use because all interfaces have been placed here. Bluetooth didn't make it into the notebook. WLAN transmission is based on the Scope of Delivery Aside from the notebook and the adapter, there is a small leaflet in the Toshiba Satellite C660. There are no other supplies. Warranty The Toshiba CE has a two year warranty service which includes a collect service subsequent to registering the repair on Toshiba's hotline in Germany and Austria. Input Devices Keyboard Toshiba has apparently invested the money it has saved from other parts into the CE's keyboard.


The keys have a pleasant size of 19x19 millimeters. Nevertheless, there is even still room for a number pad on the right. Working on the Toshiba Satellite C660 is pleasant. The pressure point is crisp and the keystroke isn't too long.

The only reason for complaint is that the keyboard sounds a bit clattery while typing. Toshiba Satellite CI - Check out Toshiba Satellite CI price in India, features, specifications, seller Info, reviews, best price and offers online for. Satellite C Part Toshiba Satellite C660 PSC0QECEN. Satellite C Windows® 7 Home Premium bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery).

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