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The pigment ink, however, is not in the state of solution but in the state of ADVANTEC SA B34 dispersion containing solid pigments dispersed therein, and therefore tends to cause problems such as poor storage stability of the pigment ink and clogging in a print-head nozzle, compared to a dye ink.

In addition, when the pigment ink is used, the printed image often has a problem of poor resistance to scuffing. In contrast, the dye ink contains dyes as coloring matter components dissolved in the ink, and therefore the above-mentioned problems unique to the pigment ink are less likely to occur compared to the pigment ink. However, the dye ink is generally and significantly inferior to the pigment ink particularly in color development properties, light resistance, and water ADVANTEC SA B34, and ADVANTEC SA B34 improvement is strongly desired. By the way, when an image or text information on a color monitor of a computer is recorded in color using an ink-jet printer, subtractive color mixture with inks of four colors, namely, yellow Ymagenta Mcyan Cand black Kis generally employed to produce a recorded image in color.

In order for subtractive color mixture to faithfully reproduce the image that has been yielded by additive color mixture with red R ADVANTEC SA B34, green Gand blue B on a CRT cathode-ray tube display or the like, each of the coloring matters, particularly Y, M, and C, contained in the ink is desired to have a hue similar to the hue of the corresponding standard color and to be vivid. To be vivid here generally refers to have high chroma.

When three primary colors of Y, M, and C have low chroma, the color range produced with a single color CA or color mixture is small, which may not satisfy the intended color range. Because of this reason, development of coloring matters with high chroma as well as inks containing such coloring matters ADVANTEC SA B34 desired.

As for the properties of the ink, not only long-term storage stability and high density in a recorded image but also excellent fastness of the printed image, such as water resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, and gas resistance, are required. The light resistance here refers to fastness of the recorded image to light such as sunlight and indoor light. The moisture resistance here refers to resistance of a coloring matter in a recorded image to phenomena such as discoloration due to excess moisture present primarily in the atmosphere in the surrounding environments and bleeding and escaping of the coloring matter from the printed image.

The lack of moisture resistance is regarded as a critical problem left to be solved for ink-jet recorded articles, which are exhibited in various environments in recent years. However, an ink that adequately satisfies the requirement from the market has not yet been developed. The gas resistance refers to resistance to phenomena where a coloring matter dye in a recorded image on or within a record-receiving material reacts with a gas that is ADVANTEC SA B34 in the air and has oxidizing action also called an oxidizing gas to cause discoloration and color fading of the recorded image.

ADVANTEC SA B34 gas, among other oxidizing gases, is regarded as CA a major factor that facilitates the phenomena of discoloration and color fading of the ink-jet recorded image. Because the phenomena of discoloration and color fading are characteristic to the ink-jet recorded image, improvement in ozone-gas resistance is a serious technical objective to achieve in the field.

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As a method of obtaining a photograph-quality printed image by ink-jet recording, an ink-receiving layer is provided on the surface of a record-receiving material. The ink- receiving layer provided for this purpose often contains a ADVANTEC SA B34 porous inorganic substance for facilitating ink drying and reducing bleeding of a coloring matter to obtain a high- quality image. However, the record-receiving material thus treated, in particular, often receives discoloration and color fading due to ozone gas described above. Along with the recent widespread use of digital cameras and color printers, images captured with digital cameras and the like are increasingly and more often printed at home with photograph quality.

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Due to this trend, discoloration and color fading of a recorded image due to an oxidizing gas described above are regarded as problematic. A black ink, among other ink compositions, is a key ink used in both ADVANTEC SA B34 and full-color printed images. It is difficult from technical viewpoints, however, to develop a coloring matter capable of producing an excellent black color with neutral hues in the deep-color gamut and the light-color gamut, high print density, and low light-source dependency of CA hues.

Much effort that has been made on research and development has only achieved a few coloring matters that have adequate performance. Because of this reason, a black ink is generally formulated by adding a plurality of different coloring matters.

Download drivers for ADVANTEC SA CX Infinito based on ADVANTEC SA B34

An ink as a mixture of a plurality of coloring matters, however, has disadvantages such as 1 variation in hues depending on a medium a record-receiving material and 2 serious discoloration, among others, caused by degradation of the coloring matters due to light and ozone gas, compared to an ink only containing a single coloring matter. A black ink composition for ink-jet printing that is excellent in a wide range of durability of a printed article is suggested, for example, in Patent Document 1. This ink composition is extremely excellent in the black hue and is greatly improved in fastness of an image ADVANTEC SA B34 a printed article, but it needs further improvement particularly in ozone resistance.

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So far, no product that adequately fulfills the requirement from the market has been developed. Patent Document 1: Still, Sugo SG09 features more voluminous dimensions xx mm and cubic-like casing that widens its compatibility area a bit. All previous Sugo models were perceived primarily as compact solutions with a quite aesthetic design. Layout Chassis SilverStone Sugo SG09 has got rather unusual layout due to the need to accommodate a full-sized PSU, a lengthy graphics adapter, a voluminous CPU cooler, and some kind of ADVANTEC SA B34 storage system in a casing ADVANTEC SA B34 23 liters in capacity. Download drivers for ADVANTEC SA CX Infinito based on ADVANTEC SA B Here you can download device drivers for ADVANTEC SA CX Infinito based on.


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