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Two eSATA connectors are available on a back panel for those who use such. A good feature, but perhaps not as revolutionary as Abit try to make Abit AB9 QuadGT Series appear. Abit has lately been utilizing darker colors on their boards lately, and this is no exception.

ABIT AB9 QUADGT Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz)

The motherboard in its entirety is in a dark blue shade with heatsinks and heatpipes in copper. All connectors are carefully placed along the edges of the board Abit AB9 QuadGT Series the IDE connector in a 90 degree tilt, but not the FDD connector. Around the socket we have ourselves a nice clean space with the Silent OTES heatsink as the potentially biggest problem in sight, as it in some rare very extreme cases might be located too close to the socket. Also, we have a capacitor whose position is a bit weird, but this was no problem.

More of a fun thing really, as we have one single capacitor around the socket. This was no issue during our testing with the coolers used either.

If we let ourselves take a closer look at the Silent OTES cooling, its main feature seems to be dissipating heat from the heatpipe originating from the small northbridge heatsink. Should you decide to take a tour for conventional voltage regulators, you actually find one, should you look close. One Abit AB9 QuadGT Series differs this from the original AB9 boards though, and that is the background color, the QuadGT has a regular blue one instead of the pink one that our own Crotale so dearly loves, as expressed during DreamHack. When pressing Enter, this menu reveals itself. Hopefully, this board goes all the way to MHz, but that remains to be seen until the overclocking tests.

Higher frequencies on these ports gives you increased bandwidth between the ports, which might improve your performance in software Abit AB9 QuadGT Series for instance. Otherwise, there would be very little for you to gain by tampering with this setting. Below the PCI-Express frequency setting we have a very interesting section in form of the voltage adjustments, Voltages Control. Lowest available setting is 1.

But then again, surely noone would buy a card meant mainly for overclocking, and put in their HTPC? This is settable between 1. This by itself is worth a lot of praise, and something we really welcome. Settings ranging from 1. The increments might be a bit too harsh, at least compared to the other voltages, but on the other hand this may not be the voltage Abit AB9 QuadGT Series benefits from extreme fine-tuning. Then we have the MCH 1.


The Abit AB9 QuadGT Series once again suggests the original voltage, 1. Abit impresses largely by letting users set their voltages up to 1. Generous nevertheless, as this might come in handy with other cooling than the standard one. Of course the southbridge voltage, the ICH 1. Probably not values that make nuclear plants go Chernobyl, but up to 1.

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This paired with the 0. This is fine-tuning at its best, if you feel like the 0.


Nothing that causes you headache, but still a bit sad, since it would be great to have everything gathered at one place. Bearing all the great voltage settings in mind, we were hoping for some mad options as for the timings, but sadly we were wrong. So, to sum this BIOS up? Further on, we have great a temperature monitoring page with CPU temperature, system temperature, temperature on all PWM phases as well as average and maximum current in PWM. Also, you can set a shut down temperature for each one of these, where of course the whole computer shuts down, preventing damage to your system.

In other words, we Abit AB9 QuadGT Series go as far as gunning this BIOS for the best one there is, with few exceptions.

Abit AB9 QuadGT - Fully fledged P motherboard

The second one is a bit more serious, especially as there are settings for everything thinkable and unthinkable, with the ability to monitor the currents in the PWM that stands out the most. With these features in mind, we wonder the following: Abit calls this part Abit EQ, and perhaps some of our readers can remember a monitoring program from the Socket A days that went by the same name. Here we can see for how long the computer has been turned on, for how long the computer has been provided with current but being turned off at the same time, and also Abit AB9 QuadGT Series voltages just like they are set in BIOS, except for VDIMM that stubbornly shows 0.

Take a look at these on the next page. Would this series of motherboards continue the downward spiral of being The abit AB9 QuadGT's layout, choice of components, feature set.

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