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Throughout the article, the author refers to his laptop Acer Aspire TG to provide real world examples. To have a deeper understanding of the article, the reader should be familiar with: This information can be found on Wikipedia.

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Please note: If you notice an error or have a suggestion, please contact the author prikolchik via Private Message on forum. Intro Laptops use Embedded Controller EC to control the battery charging operation and perform other tasks associated with starting and stopping the laptop. EC stores the current state of devices should WiFi be on? For example, you press a hotkey to increase brightness and ACPI reacts to that hotkey.

[SOLVED] HOWTO: Acer Aspire TG disable ATI graphics. Intel-only mode

It increases the brightness, by doing calculations and writing changes to EC. After writing to EC, the brightness changes either on hardware level or via device drivers, that themselves read the values from EC and talk to other hardware to change the brightness level. Typically, what is referred to Embedded Controller is a micro-controller that has 0xxFF in hexadecimal user-accessible bytes. Most of those bytes have Acer Aspire 3820T Notebook ATI VGA meaning and are responsible for controlling the hardware or providing information.

For example, on TG the byte at [0x93] stores the state of the CPU fan and byte at [0x94] stores the fan speed. In nutshell, Embedded Controller stores numbers, and by reading and writing to EC, we can get information about the system and make changes to the state of computer hardware such as fan control. Why would you want to read and write to Embedded Controller EC? The simple answer is: Writing to EC allows you to control hardware that cannot be controlled by other means in the way you want.


For example, someone figures out how to control the fan and shares his findings, then a programmer writes a small utility to control the fan by reading and writing to EC. Acer Aspire 3820T Notebook ATI VGA program is then published on the Web and ordinary users can install and use this program to control the fan on their computers. There are many examples of such programs.

Some of them are: It is not uncommon for programmers to take existing fan control tools and port them to another system, or edit them to enable fan control on their hardware. If you plan on developing your own tool, then I highly suggest reusing existing solutions and if you end up writing your own tool, then make the source code available for others to modify.

It is very important to note that it is rare to find two laptops that use Embedded Controller in the same way. So don't be surprised if changing some value in EC works on one laptop, but doesn't work on yours. How can you read and write to the Embedded Controller EC?

Acer 3820tg discrete graphics- Unusual issue

There are many tools you can use to read and write to EC. There may be other tools for both Windows and Linux, but the author did not look for any alternatives as both of those two tools worked well on his computer. So how do you figure out what the values in EC stand for? Before you start Acer Aspire 3820T Notebook ATI VGA out what you can do with EC on your machine, you should first spend the time and search the web to make sure there is no existing solution to your problem.

So you search for tweaks on T, and find that there is an existing fan control tool that works with your T laptop. Another good idea would be to search for all Acer Aspire 3820T Notebook ATI VGA from your laptop manufacturer and see if any existing tools or EC methods work on your model. It could significantly narrow down your search if you know approximately what you are looking for and how it could look like.

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This will significantly cut down on the time it takes you to find what you are looking for. If you can't find any existing solutions, then you could try figuring it out on your own. For example, you notice that in byte located at [0x72] bit 1 changed from 1 to 0 when WiFi is turned off via a hotkey. Open Default.


Locate the change the value next to it from to After you made the changes, save it to Acer Aspire 3820T Notebook ATI VGA new file, let say NEW. Graphics Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon HDATI Mobility Radeon HDIntel Graphics Media Accelerator Notebook: Acer Aspire TG32Mn. Comprehensive review of Acer's Aspire TGMN (Intel Core i3 The available graphic memory of the ATI components is MB.

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