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The intermediate gear is rotatably mounted to post see Fig.

An engagement arm drive motor is mounted on Exabyte 18D Library top side of top plate The top plate has Exabyte 18D Library aperture through a shaft of engagement arm drive motor depends. On the bottom side of top platethe shaft of engagement arm drive motor has a motor pinion mounted thereon. The motor pinion engages the periphery of intermediate gear on the underside of top platewith intermediate gear being in gearing relation with pinion and eccentrics see Fig.


Each Exabyte 18D Library is predominately circular, with an eccentric connector provided at a chordal portion thereof. Eccentrics can have their respective connectors formed integrally therewith. Each eccentric connector carries a pivot pin to which a proximal end of engagement arm is pivotally connected.


The cartridge transport system 60 includes both engagement arms and flipper assemblies hereinafter described. Each engagement arm is a rigid unitary piece comprising two segments, particularly segment and forearm segment Arm segments are biased towards one another. In this respect, the bottom Exabyte 18D Library of top plate has two upstanding posts to which the engagement arm segments of the respective cartridge engagement arms are connected by extension springs At the intersection of segments, each engagement arm carries a cam follower pin As understood with reference to Fig. Caming grooves serve to define a path of travel of engagement arm as the cartridge transport system 60 moves through each of its critical positions as shown in each of Fig.

Rearward of cartridge shelfand extending interiorly from sidewalls of carriage frameis a pair of opposing flipper mounting recesses One of flipper mounting recesses is visible in Fig.

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Each of the flipper mounting recesses has an post extending upwardly therefrom. Rotatably mounted about each post is a secondary cartridge contacting assembly, also known as flipper assembly see Fig.

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Flipper assembly comprises a cartridge contact element which serves to perform a "soft load" of a cartridge C which has already been partially inserted into drive In Exabyte 18D Library, cartridge contact element serves as a stop and registrar when cartridge C is being ejected or discharged from drive Exabyte 18D Library springs bias flipper assemblies in an opened position, i. The cartridge contact element has two cartridge cooperative surfaces Cartridge cooperative surfacewhich is essentially rounded, serves to push cartridge C into drive 80 during a soft load.

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Cartridge cooperative surfacewhich is essentially linear, serves as a stop and registrar upon ejection of cartridge C. As explained hereinafter, flipper assemblies are actuated in response to movement of engagement arms to Exabyte 18D Library a cartridge into tape drive Engagement arms and Exabyte 18D Library assemblies serve the functions of primary and secondary cartridge loaders, respectively.

A scenario of a cartridge loading operation for loading cartridge C into drive 80 is now described with respect to the specific successive stages shown in three sets of drawings. A first of these sets of drawings, e. A second of these sets of drawings, e. A third of these sets of drawings, e. In the scenario depicted by the three sets of drawings, cartridge transport system 60 has already climbed up toothed rack 90 of magazine mounting assembly 45 so that finger tips of cartridge engagement arms are aligned with but not yet engaging an uppermost cartridge C in magazine 40, and particularly with notches N of cartridge C as shown in each of Fig. To travel to the position shown in Fig. Then, carriage rotation motor was activated whereby pinion rotated. As pinion rotated in the appropriate direction, pinion meshed with larger outer gearthereby causing larger outer gear to rotate.

As larger outer gear rotated, so did smaller inner gear As subsequently described e. In the position of Fig. By extended is meant that engagement arms are at their farthest extent of travel toward magazine mounting assembly 45, and by separated is meant that engagement fingers are at their greatest distance apart Exabyte 18D Library one another. The position shown in Fig. That is, photointerrupter trips the beam for fifth sensor assembly and photointerrupter trips first sensor assembly see Fig. The position of Fig. As eccentrics rotate in the forward direction FD, cam follower pin follows the cam grooveand particularly a segment of cam groove at the front of cartridge transport system In addition, the guide pins on the tops of eccentrics extend through two pairs of guide slots, particularly semi-circular slots and slots see Fig.

Arcuate movement Exabyte 18D Library cam follower pin in cam groove causes forearms to pivot toward one another until finger tips engage cartridge changer notches N. With gigabyte capacity* and megabyte-per-second throughput*, the Exabyte 18D library delivers Exabyte 18D Library, economical storage solutions to workgroups. The exabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information.

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In the International System of Units (SI), the prefix exa indicates multiplication by the sixth power of . such filesystems. Exabyte 18D Library Corporation claimed the first exabyte tape library with the SL and the TC tape drive in January

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