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Light sensor — adjusts screen brightness as the ambient room lighting changes. Configurable red and green status lights — indicate the availability or call status of a room. System connection status indicator — The Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel touchpanels in this user guide can be used in similar configurations. Installation Overview Installation Overview Before starting, download and install the latest versions of the following software: Attachment s can total no more than 20 MB, whether multiple files or one file, and may be zipped to decrease their size.

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A Seller's failure Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel comply with these terms may result in its Bid being determined to be non-responsive. The attachment s should include the following non-pricing information: Open Market bids are accepted in this solicitation; however, please refer to the specifications below, including 'Set-Aside Requirement' provision, for additional requirements. Brand Name or Equal: The Buyer is allowing Sellers to submit bids for alternate items, provided those items meet all of the salient physical, functional, or performance characteristics specified by this solicitation. Sellers MUST enter exactly what they are bidding including make, model and description into the blank description field in order for the bid to be considered.


Secure the shelf to the rack using the supplied mounting screws. Any 1U or 1-inch high rack-mountable Extron product can be mounted on the Universal 1U Rack Shelf shown in the following diagram. Attach the furniture mounting brackets to the unit with the supplied screws.

Hold the unit with the attached brackets against the underside of the furniture. Mark the hole locations of the bracket on the mounting surface. Insert 8 wood screws into the four pilot holes.

Hang the mounting bracket over the protruding screw heads. Slide the mounting brackets to the narrow end of the screw slots and tighten the mounting screws. Attach the projector mounting bracket to the unit with the supplied screws. Secure the Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel to the projector post with the supplied mounting bolt. See figures,below for details on each model A V 0. The power supply is provided with the unit.

C C When you are connecting the power supply, voltage polarity is extremely important. Applying power with incorrect voltage polarity could damage the power supply and the interface. Identify the power cord negative lead by the ridges on the side of the cord. C Always use a power supply Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel or specified by Extron. Use of an unauthorized power supply voids all regulatory compliance certification and may cause damage to the supply and the unit. The power supply shall not be permanently fixed to building structure or similar structure. Tinned wires are not as secure in the captive screw connectors and could pull out.

C The two power cord wires must be kept separate while the power supply is plugged in. Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel

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Remove power before continuing. To verify the polarity before connection, plug in the power supply with no load and check the output with a voltmeter. Serial Communication e Captive screw connector Plug a 3. Pacing and handshaking are not supported Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel the captive screw connectors. For each serial port on the S2 use either the captive screw connector or the 9-pin D connector, but not both.


The rear panel 9-pin D connector COM ports have the following pin assignments: Operation Connect power cords and turn on the output display devices projectors, monitors, VCRscontrol devices switchers, scalers, distribution amplifiersinterface, and input devices PC, laptop, network equipment. If connection or communication problems occur, see Troubleshooting in chapter 4. A reset button b is also available from the front panel, in a small recess next to the Power LED. Reset button recessed A multi-function reset button. The Extron TLP Pro T is a 10” tabletop touchpanel with a high resolution, LCD touchscreen. As with all TouchLink® Pro models, this Extron TLP Pro 1020T Touchpanel customizable. The Extron TLP Pro T is a 10" tabletop touchpanel with a high resolution, LCD touchscreen.

As with all TouchLink® Pro models, this customizable.

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