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SilverStone Kublai KL06 interior is differentiated by an unconventional location of the motherboard tray — on the left-side facet. In addition, there is space for two 5. What is the effective CPU speed index?

RFO Benchmark v results - Page 2

What is overclocking? What is thermal design power TDP? What is the GeekBench score?

Best User Rated. Various other forms of pre-loading are available in some solvers, including the socalled mesh-less bolt, where the bolt itself is not modeled but a balanced pressure load is applied to the footprint of BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 head and nut onto the facing components. One alternative is to use a 1D beam element representation. This can also use a similar preload method.


A typical example is shown in Fig. Bolt strengths assessed from FEA forces and moments. Poor local bolt BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 modeling. Recommended local bolt connection modeling. The rigid element takes up the crosssectional area of the bolt shank, and distributes the load out to the periphery of the plate hole. This can be used in a linear analysis, which is another big advantage.

The downside, however, is that the load path in bearing BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 the bolt and the plate is incorrect, as the back face is being pulled in tension. This can be improved upon by having a spider aligned with the bearing surface. This does mean that the load path has to be accurately pre - dicted, so that it is aligned with the spi - der orientation and the bolt is still rigidly bonded into the plate over If a beam element is used to represent the bolt, the bolt bending and BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 stiffness are reasonably representative. Some FEA implementations have a more advanced form of beam representation to model the short stiff beam that a bolt represents.

However, what is missing from this representation is the bearing stiffness of the plate and beam.

Boxx 3dboxx W4150 Driver Download

The stiffness can be visualized by looking at Fig. We can put back the bearing stiffness by introducing springs between the top of the beam and the spider element.

These springs can also be used to adjust the axial stiffness if required. By using this technique, the stiffness of the joint can be modeled very effectively. However, as mentioned before, the local load transfer between the bolt and the plate is inaccurate as the bolt is rigidly bonded to the hole. Although the stresses are locally quite poor, they do BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 dominate the overall stress distribution in the plate, and the spurious local stress region can be ignored. Instead, the bolt transfer loads are ex - tracted from the analysis results and used in a post-fea solution for a plate-bearing strength assessment.

This is an established process, and does not BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 detailed FEA. Similarly, knowing the forces and moments in the bolt can quickly assess the strength of the bolt. If these are extracted, one can carry out simple, but effective hand calculations, as shown in Fig. What should be avoided, though, is a point connection from the end of the beam into the plate that ignores the load distribution of the pin circumference. This is a situation where a finite force is transferred through an infinitely small area, and creates a singularity at each connection. If we increase the mesh fidelity, we chase the singularity and the local stresses will blow up.

This can be awkward to explain in a report, and BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 be avoided. It doesn t take much effort to introduce the approach shown in Fig. Although the stresses are not accurate, BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 do not dominate the loading in the plate. Consider Your Objectives Modeling of bolted joints needs careful consideration of the analysis objective. Are the bolts critical members that need individual modeling, or can the load transfer path be adequately represented by 1D idealization? If strength assessment of multiple bolts is to be tackled, consider using traditional post-fea calculations for bolt and plate strength.

The time needed to model bolts using non-linear 3D contact may be prohibi - tive. Pre-tension BOXX 3DBOXX W4150 bolts should always be checked using simple test models to understand the initial loading and stress distribution, and the subsequent redistribution under external loading. He also works as training manager for NAFEMS, responsible for developing and implementing training classes, including a wide range of e-learning classes. Send about this article to deskeng. Model, BOXX Technologies, Inc. 3DBOXX W, BOXX Technologies, Inc. 3DBOXX W Processor, Intel Core iK @ GHz 1 processor, 4 cores. Benchmark results for a BOXX BOXX 3DBOXX W4150, Inc.

3DBOXX W with an Intel Core iK processor.

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