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They can be used for various live image presentation applications. WolfVision is the technology leader in the Visualizer Market. The EYE series cameras can be used like Ceiling Visualizers without light when mounted on the ceiling or integrated into a suspended ceiling. Furthermore, it is possible to mount the cameras on tripods, pant-tilt-zoom mounts or wall mounts designed for video or surveillance cameras. Both cameras feature the following connectors: Additional ports of the EYE The professional protocol with position setting and status report is supported on all three ports. The cameras have large and clearly arranged keys on the WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module control and on the integrated keypad.


The infrared reception is excellent due to the built-in and external infrared receiver with 10m cable. But the resolution is much higher! This is native SXGA- resolution with an aspect ratio of 4: The camera also outputs native p HD High Definition with x pixels and a widescreen aspect ratio of Using a display device with x or more pixels, lines of resolution are visible on your screen! As a result, the picture quality is not only perfect in native resolution, but also in all scaled signal formats: If new standards come up in the future, WolfVision will be there with Firmware Updates! This way, the EYE can be used as a scanner for WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module objects.

This allows for uploading images onto a PC in a fraction of a second. Connecting slower computers with the older USB WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module. It still takes only a small fraction of the time a desktop scanner requires to scan an image. This is important when using the EYE in connection with popular graphic programs such as Photoshop, or for connecting it to Interactive Whiteboards Smart Boards. More information on the WolfVision Connectivity Software at: You can view and save the live image from the EYE on your computer in almost every modern video editing software.

It is IP-addressable, so that it can be integrated into a computer network and controlled from any computer in the network.

Power over Ethernet is a popular way of saving cables and installation costs. A switch mode power supply in the camera converts the power to 12 volt.

High Resolution Live Image Cameras EYE / EYE

Trigger Function In "normal mode" the EYE outputs a live image with 30 different frames per second. In "trigger mode" the EYE only shows a new image when it receives a trigger signal from an external unit.


The EYE keeps showing the same, frozen image until it receives the next trigger pulse. This is very useful for surveillance and machine vision applications.

For example a light barrier can simultaneously send out a trigger pulse to the EYE and to a harddisc recorder when someone enters a room. Most recording devices can not start recording in a fraction of a second.

Download WolfVision Firmware drivers

If the camera would output a live image, a later image would be recorded, which does not show the exact WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module anymore. But as the trigger function freezes the image output by the EYE, the exact image is recorded. The EYE can process up to 15 trigger pulses per second. Firmware Updates Via Internet Firmware Updates allow for new features and technical improvements to be added at no cost. Downloading firmware updates from the internet and uploading them onto the cameras is very easy. WolfVision's engineers are constantly working on new improvements and features to keep your units up to date with the technology of tomorrow!

WolfVision SCB-12 User Manual

Picture Memory The user has the opportunity to store 9 EYE or 4 EYE images and recall them by just pressing one of the numerical keys on the infrared remote control. By pressing the "All" key of the EYE, a split image with all 9 pictures of the memory can be displayed, WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module easy selection.

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The EYE is equipped with a flash memory, so pictures remain in the memory even when the power is disconnected. For special applications like analyzing x-raysthe image can also be switched to WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module and White. The smooth auto iris and perfect focus are very important features, enabling video conferencing systems to digitize and transfer the picture from a WolfVision camera very fast. Furthermore the auto iris does not close down too much when a bright lamp is in the picture. As a result the rest of the image remains visible. Of course these features are equally important for live image presentations with a data projector and for other applications.

It is made of aluminium to ensure a light but sturdy construction. It fits standard ceiling grids in American and European size.

WolfVision offers Lightboxes for x-rays, slides and transparencies in two sizes. They guarantee a maximum on gray scale WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module true colors: The mount can be rotated degrees and moved across the Tile Bridge, in order to align the camera with the working surface. On Sale WolfVision SCB Document Camera Accessories. We take purchase orders and can provide special school, government and WolfVision SCB-12 Camera Module pricing. WolfVision SCB series camera modules are the same units as the EYE series cameras but are supplied without housing and accessories: SCB This is the.

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