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Next to each driver, I've tried to indicate which system architectures. This information is likely. Asante FriendlyNet [ new cards seem to Billionton LNT-10TN work!! The only exceptions are.

Turbolinux 対応機器一覧

Winmodem drivers do exist i. For more Billionton LNT-10TN about WinModems, drivers. Quatech quad RS card, dual and quad RS cards. Socket Communications dual RS card.

Unsupported flash cards can be. Linksys LANmodem Ositech Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts. Most cards should work fine, Billionton LNT-10TN adapters for external. IDE devices. Both Flash-ATA cards and rotating-media cards. The very old Western Digital 40MB drives are not supported.

The following cards have contributed drivers which are distributed as. Netwave AirSurfer Plus wireless network adapter. Billionton LNT-10TN Data FlashBuster floppy drive adapter. Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 2 Mbps wireless adapter. Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 11 Mbps wireless adapter. The following drivers have their own web sites. For more information.

People are working on the following cards:. The card is reset whenever these problems occur, but otherwise there is no problem with recovering from these conditions. This can lead to ring-buffer overruns resulting Billionton LNT-10TN dropped packets during heavy network traffic.

Neither the NE nor the WD83x0 drivers work with this card. BUGS The ed Billionton LNT-10TN is a bit too aggressive about resetting the card whenever any bad packets are received.

As a result, it may throw out some good packets which have been received but not yet transferred from Billionton LNT-10TN card to main memory. The ed driver is slow by today's standards. Some devices supported by ed do not generate the link state change events used by devd 8 to start dhclient 8. The copyright notice of this manual page is here plain text. Please direct any comments about this manual page service to Ben Billionton LNT-10TN.


Privacy policy. To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: The ed driver provides support for 8 and 16bit Ethernet Billionton LNT-10TN that are based on the National Semiconductor DS and similar NICs manufactured by other companies.

Manual Pages — ED

The ed driver supports the following Ethernet NICs: The ed device driver and this manual page were Billionton LNT-10TN by David Greenman. Early revision DS chips have problems. Billionton Network Drivers. (LNTTN 10M Ethernet LAN PC Card) This site maintains listings of network drivers available on the web, organized by. Billionton Network Drivers. (LNTT2N 10M Ethernet LAN PC Card) This site maintains listings of network drivers available on the web, organized.

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