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By Ivan Sulic It's optical That means it doesn't like balls.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2

But then who really does? They always get dirty, drag, stick and are generally unresponsive Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical direction. I've struggled with balls all my life; I'd point them one way only to have them time and again defy me.


And you never feel comfortable touching someone else's, or worse yet, vile public Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical as they're the filthiest and most unreliable. Optical does away with all of these disadvantages, and even expands mousing capabilities in all the right ways. There will certainly be those who will argue that Razer's Boomslang offerings are technically superior for gaming purposes, and indeed they are Mice whose characteristics include ridiculously high scroll rates one or two thousand DPIthe Boomslangs are the top of the balled market, the proverbial cream Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical the crap.

Yes, I suppose I am perhaps a tad biased against them. Something about having to swab mine once a week to maintain proper functionality got real tiresome real fast. But I suppose I could have just been picky when I criticized its unnatural requirement of a fifteen-minute warm-up before it would scroll left, because who needs to scroll to the left anyway? Suffice to say I am unable to make such complaints with mice born on the optical Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical of the Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2 eBay

Optical mice will always run smoothly so long as they function. They won't drag, they won't stutter, and they will forever point in any direction ordered.


They also offer one other primary advantage over balled mice, and that's their ability to scroll on virtually any surface. I can use mine in the sand!"But then how is this particular optical mouse any better than the others? Optical mice essentially work on the principle of reflected light. Lasers direct light downward that bounce back and trigger sensors. The color variation on your choice of mousing surface causes these lasers to be picked up by the sensors at varying levels of intensity, and this is how the movement is tracked. The Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical expands upon this fundamental by implementing two optical sensors and laser emitters, as well as a built in microprocessor Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical manages them. The end result is a substantial increase in performance that, although appreciable by the casual users amongst us, will be most Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical by enthusiast gamers and professional artists.

The Mouseman Dual Optical does not offer the force feedback functionality of its gyrating brethren, but what it lacks in useless and at times frustrating technological advances it makes up for in sheer performance. That is, it does what it was intended to do, and does it brilliantly. Whether you like drawing circles in Photoshop or just killing folks in Quake 3if you're looking for the current absolute in performance than this, my friend, is it. But while the additional sensor does create a noticeable upping of smoothness, if you already have a reasonably decent optical mouse, such as Logitech's own previous in the line, then an upgrade is not an absolute must but rather a guilty pleasure.

The price tag won't cause your imported mail order Russian bride pause to grant you permission on, but it'll still take an unnecessary chunk out of that GeForce 3 Titanium budget stashed in your cookie jar. Contrary to popular thought, the mouse is actually critical component of any PC, especially any gaming PC, and not just in the sense that it's necessary because it points at stuff either.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Review - IGN

Improper mouse selection can kill an otherwise solid rig steer clear of anything with the words "!!! Now works with Windows!!! For optimal satisfaction, today's current Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical, whether they be RTS or FPS, require both performance as well as a healthy compliment of buttons out of their mice.


Business and leisure applications, as well, are far more manageable with more convenient methods of input. Browsing the Internet with a mouse complete with wheel and two thumb buttons Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical ecstasy compared to the Klingon molestation that is the standard mouse the wheel for scroll with one thumb button designated as forward, and the other back. The Mouseman Dual Optical has gamers covered, but leaves just a bit to be desired elsewhere. And this is indeed the only serious shortcoming the mouse has, and even then it's only really missed when browsing the web.

I'm a stickler for the drivers. Thankfully the new Logitech 9. See, I, like many other enthusiast gamers, am a complete idiot.

If I spy any superfluous programs running in my task manager I'll kill them if only to get another percentage point of system resources freed up. But why would you want to even install the software in the first Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Here's the mouse for people who need extremely precise, extremely smooth performance: gamers, graphic designers, and other power users. Questions about your MouseMan Dual Optical? We've got the answers, videos, downloads and information you need. Search for articles or select a topic below.

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