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This product comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty. Easy to setup: Com ports and baud rates can be modified to desired set up. Supported os: Cable length 1.

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Microsoft hcl certified to be compatible with windows, no cd required for as the drivers are part of the Bestcom ISDN USB Modem distribution. Only the administrator can change the password. To set the password, use the following command. Using the set password command and pressing Enter resets the password to the default value, which is no password.

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Enter a name that is valid for your network. To set the system name, use the following command. The default route gateway is the address of Bestcom ISDN USB Modem router of last resort to which packets are sent when the PortMaster has no routing information for a packet. The default route gateway is also the destination address the PortMaster selects when it cannot locate the destination of a packet on the local Ethernet segment.

You identify the default gateway by its IP address entered in dotted decimal notation. A PortMaster can never be its own default gateway. You can set a metric between 1 and 15 for the IP and IPX gateways to indicate the hop count associated with the gateway route.

Portmaster Overview

The PortMaster uses the hop count value Bestcom ISDN USB Modem comparisons if the PortMaster is set to listen for default routes from other routers. To set the default gateway, use the following command:. You can use either a network name service or the host table on the PortMaster to map hostnames to IP addresses. Each host attached to an IP network is assigned a Bestcom ISDN USB Modem IP address. DTE data terminating equipment —A term used to include any device in a network which generates, stores or displays user information.

DTE is a telecommunications term that usually refers to PCs, terminals, printers, etc. A typical application would be a program that routes calls to specific communications applications, depending either on the type of call or on a DTMF tone added to a dialing string.

E EEPROM electrically eraseable programmable read-only memory —A permanent memory chip that can be reprogrammed by the customer after the manufacturer has set initial values. See also ROM. The purpose of the EISA bus is to provide a bit bus for faster throughputs while maintaining backward compatibility with the classic ISA bus architecture. Contrast with LT loop termination.

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An exchange typically has a single rate of charges tariffs that has previously been approved by a regulatory group. Calls between any two points within an exchange area are local Bestcom ISDN USB Modem. F fax facsimile —Refers to Bestcom ISDN USB Modem bit-mapped rendition of a graphics-oriented document fax or to the electronic transmission of the image over telephone lines bit-mapped approximation of a graphical document and, therefore, cannot be accurately interpreted according to any character code. The area of the screen that occupies the active window. Compare with background. Frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength or pulse width of the signal e.

A Universal Serial Bus device that provides a capability to the host. For example, an ISDN connection, a digital microphone, or speakers. H handshaking—A process that two modems go through at the time of call setup to establish synchronization over the data communications link.

It is a synchronization and negotiation process accomplished by the exchange of predefined, Bestcom ISDN USB Modem recognized control codes. Hexadecimal notation uses the numbers 0—9 and the letters A—F, usually suffixed by an h e. Host Controller: I IDN Integrated Digital Network —The culmination of transmission and switching functions using digital technology in a circuit-switched telecommunications network.

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Also called IXC. I-mux inverse multiplexer —A device that will dial up and combine several lower speed circuits into a virtual broadband circuit.

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